Process Engineers Inc. (PEI) in Hayward California is a firm which provides
specialty stainless steel products and custom engineered process systems to
a variety of industries regulated by the FDA.  Such industries include :


Specialty Steel Products

The types of specialty stainless steel products supplied by PEI include the
components listed below.  Many of these are stocked in PEI’s local
warehouse and can be delivered within 24 hours from the placement order:

Pipe and Tubing Fittings
Heat Exchangers
Flow Meters
Motor Controls
Process Control System

Manufacturers represented by PEI include:

Spraying Systems
Cellar Master
LC Thompsen

Fabrication Shop

PEI’s Hayward facilities include a 15,000 square foot fabrication shop where
PEI fabricates custom stainless steel systems designed to meet stringent
FDA and client requirements.  This fabrication shop is fully equipped with
cutting, forming, welding and finishing equipment to yield ultra fine finishes
(e.g., 10 micro inch Ra).  PEI also assembles complete process systems
utilizing standard components such as tanks, filters, pumps and fittings which
are stocked and warehoused on-site at PEI’s Hayward facilities.  Such
complete process systems are fully instrumented and automated by PEI to
meet special client specifications.  Many of these process systems are skid-
mounted by PEI for the ease of installing at client’s facilities.

Engineered Process Systems

PEI’s people have had many years of hands-on experience in design,
fabrication, and operation of FDA regulated process systems.  This
experience was obtained in their earlier careers with major food, wine or
biotech operating companies or with manufacturers who supplied equipment
and systems to these operating companies.

Because of this capability, PEI, in recent years has successfully a designed,
fabricated and installed noteworthy systems to perform the following

Reactions (chemical and biological)
Pasteurization (HTST)
Glassware/ Vessel washing
Fluid dispensing
Fluid distribution
Clarification/ Filtration
CIP/ COP or combination thereof
WFI/ Clean Steam production, storage, and/ or distribution

PEI, in its early years, developed a reputation in successfully trouble
shooting problems and successfully repairing these systems and getting
them started up and operating.  In some cases, the solutions involved re-
designing the systems due to the original supplier’s incorrect design for the
intended application.  With PEI’s success in troubleshooting bio-systems
process design and with its fabrication capability, it was natural for PEI to
start fabricating and installing new complete systems on grass-roots projects
for their food, pharmaceutical and biotech clients.  Troubleshooting existing
systems still  remains a big part of PEI’s business

Clients for the above systems include such notable companies as:

Del Monte
California Dairyman’s Co-Op
J. Lohr Winery
Sterling Drug
Shade Foods
Shasta Beverage
Bayer )
Kendall Jackson Vineyards
McMannis Family Winery
La Tapatia

Factors That Set PEI Apart From Its Competitor

1.      We listen to clients – to be sure we fully understand their needs and
objectives and preferences before we respond.
Process systems are designed and fabricated utilizing standard “off-the-
shelf” components where appropriate.  However, in some cases PEI will
produce a process system with some of the components being custom
designed and fabricated on-site by PEI.  This is done only when it is deemed
that the standard component(s) will not do as good a job for that particular
service as the custom designed component.  This approach insures that all
systems done by PEI will be evaluated before hand to be sure that the most
cost effective and operable system is provided to PEI’s clients.
For system’s which require custom fabrication, PEI will engineer, design,
fabrication and test all under one roof at PEI’s Haward facility.  This
provides the client with single point responsibility and top quality control
because no functions are performed or subcontracted outside of the
Hayward facilities.
Process systems are designed and fabricated with short interval scheduling.  
This is achieved because PI is a stocking distributor for most of the
components that are utilized in producing these systems and there is no lost
time waiting for delivery of components under someone else’s control.  Short
interval schedule is achieved also because of PEI’s design capability, the
conceptual design, P&ID’s, layouts and detailed fabrication drawings are
done on-site and there is quick interchange between the fabricators and the
designers during the fabrication and assembly stage.
Our active involvement with major biopharmaceutical firms on an ongoing
basis allows us to keep current with the leading edge of technology.
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