Process Equipment Fluid Pumps                      
Process Engineers manufactures a wide range of high quality,
technically sophisticated yet extremely durable pumps, pump
carts and skids. What ever your fluid moving needs, PEI can
engineer and manufacture a solution.
Positive Displacement Pumps

Waukesha Cherry-Burrel is
universally recognized as the
industry leader the
manufacture of positive
displacement pumps. PEI was
the first equipment  manufacture to recognize the PD pumps
unique ability to gently yet efficiently transfer juice and must
with minimal maceration.
Centrifugal Pumps

Waukesha's "C-series"
centrifugal pumps have
become the standard
in the wine industry when
high volumes of liquids
need to be transferred quickly. Process Engineers is proud to
have been the first company to recognize their value and to have
distributed Waukesha to the wine industry.
Diaphragm Pumps

Wilden's "stallionized"
diaphragm pumps have
an enlarged throat that
prevents clogging during
pumpovers and other high
particulate applications.
Pumps carts
At PEI, we pride ourself and manufacturing the most durable and ergonomically correct pump carts in the industry. Each cart is
individually balanced for ease of maneuvering and built of 100% stainless steel for durability. Our pumps are easy to move
andturn and willcut down  the wear and tear on your employees so often associated with moving heavy process equipment.
Transfer Pump Carts
At PEI we pride ourselves on
out-engineering the competition.
Our transfer pumps are tuned
to your requirement and deliver
the maximum performance
possible. We don't believe in the
"one size fits all" approach  and
we'll custom engineer your
pumps to your application for
maximum performance at the
best price.
Waukesha 220 positive displacement pump cart.
Designed for ease of one man operation.
Waukesha 2085 "Super-Jammy" pump cart.
Transfer up to 600 gallons per minute.
Waukesha 2085 "Super-Jammy" pump cart.
Transfer up to 600 gallons per minute.
PD Pump Carts
Unlike our competitors, PEI designs each pump cart for
our customers specific needs. Our carts are balanced to
easily move over hoses. We offer integral speed reducer
coupled pump carts that compact the overall length of the
cart substantially as well as traditional bare shaft models.
Our goal is to always build the best cart for your
Waukesha manufactures postive displacement
pump with nominal capacities from 8 to 450 gallons/min.
Please click the link below to access Waukesha's PD pump
Waukesha S2065 sanitary centrifugal pump
Biotech Pump Carts
Process Engineers is a pioneer the manufacture of
innovative biotech processing equipment. We offer a
wide variety of materials and finishes for the strict
requirements of the biotech industry.
A fleet of PEI pump